Flatpack with zero

Experience a new level of convenience, durability, and precision with Furnilox® – furniture locking system. With a simple push furniture can now be assembled with nothing but your hands. No more screws, fittings, or glue.

Why choose Furnilox?

  • Furnilox® fits in only one way – the optimal one. Assemble with perfect results every time without the need for tools.
  • Furnilox® eliminates components used in traditional assembly. Reducing the number of parts makes your products cheaper, easier to ship and more eco-friendly.
  • Furnilox® provides an easy and enjoyable assembly process. Put together cabinets swiftly – up to 10 times faster than traditional assembly.
  • When engaged, Furnilox® has a constant tension pulling the pieces together and reducing the risk of gaps between the boards.

make a cheaper, faster and
more eco-friendly product
by going one-piece

Furnilox® is a click system made only from the board material itself, all in one piece. We believe this is the most eco-friendly solution possible. As environmental concerns continue to increase, you can future proof your furniture production with Furnilox® today.

Say no to components

Packaging and Shipping Costs
Different components may require specific packaging and shipping considerations.

Product Documentation and Manuals
Each additional component may require additional documentation and manuals.

Let Furnilox® provide your customers with a high-value product that can be manufactured and shipped in a convenient and efficient manner.
A high number of components can be expensive, here are some costs and extra work that Furnilox® can help you to reduce:

Inventory Costs
Every component needs storage space, insurance, and there’s always a risk of obsolescence.

Procurement Costs
Every component needs to be sourced, ordered, and managed.

Quality Control Costs
Every component needs quality control to ensure that each one meets your standards.

Administrative Costs
Every component has associated administrative costs for tracking, labeling, documentation, and management.

Strong, stable, and durable

The load is spread over the entirety of the joint making Furnilox®
up to 10 times stronger compared to traditional assembly.
The back board, placed inside the frame, has its own click profile
which provides even greater stability.

Open the door to new designs

Regardless of whether it is factory assembled or done by the end-consumer you always want exceptional result. Furnilox® secures an aesthetics product by attaining perfect alignment every installation. You can use virtually all machinable materials, such as MDF, particleboard, plywood, and compact laminate. Mix and match however you like – even with transparent ones. With no screws, you’ve got nothing to hide.

Get started with Furnilox®

Furnilox® can be produced with conventional production equipment.

Through-feed machines

Furnilox® in high-volume production Furnilox® helps to optimize your production in through-feed machines such as profiling lines and edgebanding lines. Save space and time now that traditional processes such as gluing and screwing are no longer needed. Furnilox® doesn’t require any plastic inserters or other customized machines. It can be made in both single- and double-sided machines with a minimum of three motor positions.


For smaller production series For more customized production, 5-axis CNC machines can be used. Your current machine only needs a few new tools before production of Furnilox® can start.